Abel Matutes Ferry

Alternative Fuels and Solutions for Port's Cold-Ironing: Standardisation of Regulatory Framework and Demonstration of Feasible Exploitation.

The project consists of a study with a pilot deployment which will provide information to overcome the barriers for harmonisation of the normative framework and for standardisation of technical solutions required for the supply of alternative fuels (natural gas and LNG) in ports and to ships. Simplified refuelling infrastructures in the port will form part of demonstration.

Additionally, the project will evaluate new operational and energy services solution offered by ESCO and demonstrate that such a form of contract is technically viable, offering alternative electricity on-board a boat for its auxiliary services when located within the port confines, both during the manoeuvres of arrival and departure and during the port stay.

The ferry vessel selected for the pilot is Abel Matutes vessel owned and operated by the Balearia, beneficiary of the project.